Androscoggin County Employment


The Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office is currently hiring for a full-time Patrol Deputy. Starting pay is $16.70 to $20.40 per hour depending on experience with credit up to 8 years of service. Additional compensation for college degree, EMT and night shift stipend as well as excellent fringe benefits. Application deadline: August 13th at 5:00 p.m.


1.   High School graduate or equivalent.

2.   At least 21 years of age.

3.   Graduate of MCJA full time basic police academy or equivalent preferred and/or graduate

 of the MCJA Law Enforcement Pre-service School or equivalent.

4.   Two years’ experience as a full-time/part-time Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff in patrol

 law enforcement.

5.   Completion of college work, military duty, or relevant work experience desired, but not


6.   Possession of a valid State of Maine Driver’s License.

7.   Sufficient physical ability to perform essential Department duties and functions.

8.   Such alternatives to the above qualifications, restrictions, and requirements as the County

Administrator and the Sheriff may, in their discretion, consider equivalent, appropriate,

and acceptable.

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Androscoggin County is an equal opportunity employer.

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