Public Safety Division

The Public Safety Division of the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office is made up of 4 Units consisting of Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Communications.


The Division is responsible for providing police services for communities that have no organized police department in the County. Under MRSA Title 30-A Sec. 452, the Sheriff in each county, in person or by the sheriff’s deputies, to the extent the Sheriff  undertakes to patrol, shall patrol those areas in the county that have no local law enforcement.   Androscoggin County has eight communities that have no organized police departments which are the Towns of Poland, Minot, Durham, Wales, Greene, Leeds, Turner and Livermore.


The Division is made up of one Major/Public Safety Director, four Detectives, twelve full-time Patrol Deputies, three part-time Patrol Deputies, and nine Dispatchers.



Public Safety Director - Major Mark Cornelio




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