Androscoggin County
Sheriff's Office

Criminal Investigation Division 

The Criminal Investigations Division is part of the Public Safety Division of the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department and is staffed with one Detective Sergeant and three Detectives.

CID is responsible for investigating major crimes including: suspicious deaths, robberies, sexual assaults, burglaries, major drug offenses, aggravated assaults where the victim is likely, or has a potential to die, identify theft and other serious criminal violations of State and Federal Law.

CID is also responsible for investigating all criminal activity that happens in the Androscoggin County Jail and conducts background investigations for all employees hired in the Jail and Public Safety Division.

Detectives have specialized training that include evidence collection and preservation, crime scene processing, computer forensics, interview and interrogation techniques and domestic violence follow up. Detectives are also responsible for registering Sex Offenders that reside in rural Androscoggin County that are posted on the State of Maine Sex Offender Registry.


Detective Sergeant
Maurice Drouin

Detective/Domestic Violence Investigator
Troy Young

Thomas Slivinski

Nathan McNally