County Patrol K-9 Unit

The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department has had a successful police dog program for over 30 years with the first police dog “Kaiser” with handler Deputy Eric Parker.

Sergeant Brian Smith is a K-9 Instructor for the State of Maine and provides in-service training for the K-9 officers in the Central Maine area.  Sergeant Smith was the K-9 officer for the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department for over 9 years with K-9 “Yuno” who retired in 2010.

Deputy Jon C. Guay has been working for the Sheriff’s Department since 1999 and currently patrols Androscoggin County with his police dog Bosco.

K-9 Bosco is a Slovakian German Shepherd who started his career at the Sheriff’s Department in May of 2010 after completing a twelve week school at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. During this intensive course K-9 Bosco and Deputy Jon Guay were training as a team to track missing or wanted individuals, search for suspects hidden in buildings, evidence recovery, as well as officer protection and apprehension of violent or non-compliant offenders.

K-9 Bosco completed his second phase of training in November of 2011 after another eight week school where he was taught to search for and alert to the presence of illegal narcotics. K-9 Bosco detects Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, Methamphetamines, Marijuana and Hash.

Both Deputy Jon Guay and K-9 Bosco are a certified canine team through the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and the New England State Police Administrator’s Compact (NESPAC). In order to maintain proficiency, the canine team participates in sixteen hours of mandatory training each month and must re-certify all of their abilities once a year.

Deputy Guay and K-9 Bosco respond to dozens of calls for service each year and often assist police departments in Androscoggin County and surrounding communities. K-9 Bosco is a fearless and valued asset to the Sheriff’s Department and only asks for a few pats on the head and a rubber ball as payment for a job well done. At the end of their work shift, K-9 Bosco goes home with Deputy Guay where he is a welcome and beloved member of the family.